Real talk: Beauty products, Does it really work?


All people wonder about: Do beauty products even work? What good will it do if I bought an expensive face shaper or top notch moisturizing cream? Will my skin actually be clearer or glow more? 

These are the questions we ask ourselves before we invest on the latest, trendiest and influencer-approved products. In a world where people go crazy over being beautiful or handsome all the time, having the perfect face or body will always be a must. Some even go to further lengths by going under the knife. Their noses get longer, their eyes get bigger, their lips get plumper only for them to end up completely unrecognizable, although very much beautiful. 

The real question though is, what actually makes someone beautiful? People have been debating whether it's on the outside that matters or what's on the inside. Maybe it's a little bit of both. We will never know for sure, but what we do know is what incites people to be beautiful, and that's confidence. 

Beauty products like the Gua Sha, the IPL laser hair removal and many more are one of the many things that give people a reason to feel beautiful in their own skin. In other words, it gives them the confidence that they never knew they had. They just needed to be pushed somehow to feel confidently beautiful in their own skin, as Miss Pia Wurtzbach would've put it. The more that people believe in themselves -- with just a push of a button or with a stroke of a brush-- they will gain that extra push to get out their and shine! 

I myself had a slight nudge to be confident in my own skin. There was a time when my friends complimented how great and clear my skin looked. They asked me how I got my pores to be so small, how I got it to glow like it did and many more. Even though I had been using Spin beauty's GuaSha for just a short while, I knew that it wasn't just the product that helped me glow. I realized that I've just become more confident to not hide my face behind my hair anymore. That's what made my friends try to figure out what was so different about me. 

So, real talk: Do products like the GuaSha, IPL laser hair removal, the jade roller ++ work? Absolutely! Confidence will be your #1 friend. People just need a little push, and the ball will just roll continuously ☺️