Selfcare the SPIN way!

You'd think that since people are forced to stay home, and expected to work from home, they would have more time for themselves. Well, in reality they don't. Millennials can't seem to catch a break, and can't even take a bath and do their usual skin care routine because of trying to constantly meet deadlines, prepare presentations, manage businesses and so much more. 

We just don't have the luxury of time now in this competitive environment. Prices are constantly increasing with the pandemic taking over the economy, people are starting to get laid off because companies just can't handle extra costs.

Luckily, there's a solution that can help you be productive while feeling like you're in a sunny Bali vacation, sipping piña coladas in martini glasses everyday!

1. Are you starting to feel groggy after working for several hours none stop? Refresh yourself with an aloe vera face mist, coupled with a massage from the auto vibrating jade roller! It's a 2-in-1 refresher, with a free massage!
Get the aloe water from this link:


2. The one ailment that affects all of us when we work are the neck cramps! It finds a way to just sneak up on you when you least expect it. Good thing the Auto vibrating Gua Sha is ready to save your day with a massage that also zaps your skin with micronutrients to keep it glowing all day! 


3. Imagine this. You're getting ready to meet with your future boss in a job interview, but you realize that (whoop!) my eyebrows aren't on fleek! You quickly try to shave off the excess, but you can't because you're traumatized of that time you accidentally shaved off your whole eyebrow with the razor. Luckily, you bought Spin's eyebrow pen trimmer to help you effectively and precisely trim those bushy eyebrows! Now you're looking professional, and looking great to impress your interviewer. 

4. Listening to spotify and giving yourself time to relax is also an important step to caring for your well-being more! It allows you to take the time to recharge and relax, avoiding breakdowns and overwhelming yourself too much! Also, remember that speaking to a close friend or even crying it out can help at times too! 

5. Sleeping is your best friend! Slap on the Jade face mask to depuff your eyes, and drift off to your happy place. A little shut eye will help boost your energy and boost your motivation to seize the day and become efficiently productive!